Types of text to speech tools for children

Materials like handouts and books can create a major obstacle if your child has some kind of reading issue. Kids with learning issue may struggle with printed word pages and decoding, which may explain why they have poor grades or do not pay attention in school. In this case, you can sign your child up for a digital Text to speech class or buy them a text to speech book. TTS software allows your kid to hear the text and see it while they are reading which creates a great and healthy multisensory experience. This improves their word recognition, allows some comprehension and focus, and increases their ability to recognise errors and come up with solutions. There are many TTS software your child can use depending on the type of device they have.

Most modern devices have a built in TTS software. The devices are inclusive of smart phones, tablets, laptops and chrome. With these devices, they can use the software without buying other applications online.  Some web-based tools have a TTS on their sites. You can a tool on your device to read the contents of a webpage.  Children with special needs can access web pages with a free software.  Most of the free WebPages have free educative materials that can be accessed by the kids. You can also down loan a TTS software application for your child.  Some apps are premiums but they come with fun and special features like highlighting in several colors which makes learning a better experience for them.  Even though chrome is a new platform with minimal background on notevibes, it offers several tools.  You can take picture, read and write using this software. Desktop computers and laptops have literacy programmes that offer reading and writing tools. If you can, start a conversation with other parents and teachers about introducing the text to speech program at school to make the learning experience better.

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